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Jefferson Welle, Former Fire Fighter, Paramedic, RN The Hydraulics 4 Jakes system (H4J) was developed by Jefferson Welle, a career paramedic/firefighter/R. N. Jeff began his career in 1983 as a U.S.A.F. Crash Rescue FireFighter/E.M.T. He continued his fire service career as a federal firefighter in the state of New Jersey. Jeff became a national level E.M.T./paramedic and also obtained an R.N. license. Throughout his career, Jeff has worked in EMS/Fire Departments in the cities of Newark, N.J., Philadelphia, P.A. and Albuquerque, N.M. His nursing experiences included Mobile Intensive Care, Emergency Department, dialysis and all critical care arenas. Jeff ultimately became a D.P.S. Fire Division Battalion Commander for the city of Rio-Rancho in New Mexico. Due to a previous fire service injury, Jeff's active fire service and nursing career eventually came to an end.

During his period of disability, Jeff found himself with time on his hands and a real desire to do something to benefit fellow firefighters. He realized that an area that challenged him and other firefighters was pump operations. All firefighters understand a successful fire ground strategy can only be implemented with proficient pump operations. Jeff recognized that there was a tremendous need to develop a simple method to accomplish fire ground hydraulics quickly and accurately without complex calculations.

Jeff realized that the ideal pump operator's system would have to be comprehensive, versatile and easy to use. He knew that the fire service industry has a finite number of nozzle flows and that flow rates are predictable when the nozzle is operated at the standard nozzle pressure. Jeff applied these principles to Hydraulics 4 Jakes (H4J) - a platform providing a globally comprehensive pump operator system.

H4J is an easy to read manual that sequences a hose's predictable flow range while incorporating all the industry standard nozzle flow rates. The hose's flow rates have an associated universal friction loss number sequence that is easy to remember and easy to add. This platform allows H4J to be operated in single, dual or multiple line configurations. It provides fast and accurate pump discharge pressure requirements for global fire ground operations that correlate well with IFSTA calculations. H4J is presented as a hand method that is accurate, fast and flexible.
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