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Patent PendingA Simple, Fast and Accurate Method to Determine Required Pump Discharge Pressures that Correlate Well with IFSTA Calculations

The H4J system is comprehensive and versatile. The sequential flow ranges utilized by H4J include all the industry standard nozzle flows and predictable supply rates in either single, dual or multiple line configurations.

Hydraulics 4 Jakes

Hydraulics 4 Jakes hand method

H4J is presented as a hand method that is easy to remember and easy to use.

H4J is easy to remember and easy to use. H4J was created to allow novice pump operators to function safely, proficiently and confidently without complex calculations. The manual will provide all of the following:

• Attack hose operations
• Medium diameter hose operations
• Large diameter hose operations
• Attack/MDH/LDH integration
• LDH manifold operations
• Maximum distance relays and drafting
“I appreciate the effort Jeff has made to simplify what has always been a confusing process for firefighters and apparatus operators...I can’t fault the methodology or results...My hat is off to him for a great piece of work.” --Mike Wieder, Managing Editor of Fire Protection Publications and author of the 1st edition of the Pumping Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook.
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